A new, glittering city with all of the expense and none of the crime of older cities.  Well, almost- white-collar crime and corruption isn't uncommon here, and crimes of passion happen here too.  Prostitution of the finest caliber and expensive, designer drugs are easy to find too, if you know where to look. 

Anyone who's anyone lives here, and even if they can't afford an apartment in the Meninx high-rises, plenty of people commute in for work from New Damascus to do the grunt work.  


The island is actually an extinct volcano; it's what gives the beaches their beautiful black sands.  The center of the city is built on the slopes of the volcano, and actually gets more populated as you work outword, with fine estates on the slopes gradually giving way to metropolitan streets.  

The city grew up around the mountain forty years ago, when Prince Rahn decided to leave New Damascus mostly to the Changeling and moved the Kindred of the city onto the island.  They spent quite a bit of money marketing the city so that mortals would follow them, and it worked.  Wasn't hard to market an island paradise, after all, and now the wealth and glitz draw them in without even trying. 


Prince Rahn's home, a sizeable mansion, is carved into the mountainside itself.  The home itself is largely for show, as the underground rooms are really the important part for the reclusive Mekhet prince.  Council meetings take place here.


Elsewhere, on the main stretch, there is a small but swanky club owned by Leo Oxton, and managed by Felina while he's away, which is often.  Originally something of a gentleman's club for gay men, Breath has become a comfortable, inclusive LGBT nightclub, with one floor for dancing and one floor for a cushy lounge area.  


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